Welcome readers. This is the start of what I hope to be a long a fulfilling journey toward self betterment, life elevation and a bid to look good while doing it. Here you will be able to find reviews on products and trends along with some straight talking.

For me the decision to blog was easy. I have been an avid bullet journaler for a while now and I recently switched to an app called Day One. I swear it has literally changed my life.

You can categorise your life in to separate journals, definitely something you can’t do with paper journals. Don’t get me wrong, there are merits to written journals – writing free hand, drawing and it just having a more personal feel. That said, as a busy city girl I don’t have time to find the pen in my hand bag let alone free space on London streets to write neatly in my bujo. With my Day One app I can journal while standing under someone’s armpit on the tube, while walking and best of all in those meetings where you basically need someone to slap you with a wet fish just to stay awake. Anyway, I digress. My decision to blog comes from a long standing need to comment on everything and now to share those thoughts with the rest of the world. If you can save one you save the world … right? Well either way I’m up for putting in my two cents, so come along for the ride.

Get the Day One App for £4.99 on iTunes


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