Here at T Re: I’ve decided to do a series, over time, about beauty treatments. From essentials to the more ambiguous. I decided to start with brows…. mine needed doing badly!

So here’s the before….

After years of DIY brows I decided to start getting my brows done professionally. So why I thought a foray in to my local nail shop counted as professional, only God knows. At first it was fine I gave instructions about the shape – not too thin, I said, but after multiple sessions I noticed the recede-a-brows! WTF! So this time round I’m doing it right. 

After lots of Google searching I decided to try BlinkBrowBar and with a concession at Selfridges I was sold. I mean who really needs an excuse to go there the place is beautiful! That said, they have set-ups all over the place. BlinkBrowBar

The process was super easy, you sign up online and select your treatment. I went for the brow shape, yeh it was £19, but my brows used to look like the £5 I used to pay in the nail shop.

Then you book your appointment and get an email confirmation, which comes with a calendar entry so it’s easy to add. 
When I showed up for the appointment. I was quickly seated and the lady asked what shape I want. I said to leave them thick, but I think I could have had a bit more taken off the left side, she said it’s better to leave it and the right side will grow out. Clearly still recovering from recede-a-brow…. Altogether, I was there less than 10 mins. 
Here’s the result… can’t wait to pencil them in the morning. 

I’d definitely recommend BlinkBrowBar, they are professional and it’s nice to check out Selfridges in my lunch break, so I’d go again! My brows don’t grow that fast so it’s not unaffordable. 

Let me know your brow routine or where you like to go to get yours done.



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