I know I went through one. I’m sure loads of you late 20-somethings know what I’m talking about. You start asking yourself questions like, who am I? Where is my life going? What do I want? Then you freak out because you don’t know the answer to any of it.

Once the shock horror subsided, I realised this is not such a bad thing. Yes, I felt down in the dumps and a bit lost for a while, but all I needed to do was think. Rather then go crazy and do irrational things I’d later regret, I focused on asking more questions- what areas of my life should I change? What would my perfect life look like? What steps can I take towards it? 

Where to start? Get a notebook, or if you like apps – use one like Evernote or Dayone. You need to make a plan! The first thing I did was make a list of things I didn’t like – about how I look, my mindset, lifestyle, home, job … everything. From here I then had a base to work from and then it’s all about taking small steps. Each day I work towards my goals and each day I get a little happier.

Currently, I’m working towards fitness, finance and home improvement goals – Lord knows the carpet in my bedroom and dressing room has seen its day! That said, there is one thing we should all never stop working on and that’s our inner self. Of all the changes I’ve made so far, the most important is to my mindset – I no longer question ‘if’ I can do something, now it’s a case of ‘when’. 

My ‘crisis’ started in September 2015 – since then, I’ve started a removal company with my boyfriend, had a promotion at work, lost 10 lbs, transitioned to natural hair, started a blog and a whole host of small wins in between. Now, imagine if I didn’t start….

In order to do all this, as an example, in the case of the business – we became meticulous planners. We had to learn new skills and step out of our comfort zone – you can’t run a removal company and not like dealing with the general public, ha! The same applies to everything – do something you haven’t done before and learn something new. How else are you supposed to change. 

Don’t wait for a life crisis, what could you achieve if you started right now? 



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