The weekend was great. My grandma had a large family dinner rather than her annual BBQ – different but still great. I got to catch up with my cousins, aunts and uncles too. As always the food was amazing, coming from a Caribbean family it’s all curried goat, rice and peas, ackee and salt fish, stewed chicken, fried dumplings and that’s just some of it. I’m definitely going to the gym when I get back to London!



Today we went on a coach trip to Weston-super-mare. We basically highjacked someone’s church trip. They were umming and ahhing about going, so 15 of my family just filled up the seats instead- snooze you lose, ha!


We were starving when we got there and made a bee line straight to the pier. You have to pay £1 to get in which I feel is more than reasonable. I’m pretty sure this is the same pier that burned down a few years back, perhaps they need to recoup the cost of repairs or something…


IMG_9807Anyway, we ended up eating at the fish and chip shop at the end of the pier (or is it the start, depends on your perspective). In hindsight I think we could have got better local fish dishes on the street rather than going down the boardwalk. I wanted breaded prawns and they didn’t haive it, instead I had standard fish and chips. At £7.50 it isn’t extortion, but it’s nothing compared to Poppies in Spitalfields, London where I get my fish bites and chips for £4.50 – perfection!


After that we went to the arcade and after a few slot machines and a go on the Dodgems, I was done.


We met up with the rest of the family only to find out that my cousin was missing. He’s 15 and went off through the Weston-super-MUD in search of the Bristol Channel, only to get stuck knee deep and be missing for ages. We found him in the end and after a good Jamaican telling off I think he’s learned his lesson, ha! If you’ve never been to Western, you probably don’t know that the tide goes out super early, so when we got there at 12pm people were happily swimming near the shore by the time we finished lunch we needed binoculars to see the water.



Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for. Shopping with my mum and nan. Can’t wait! I’ve already started online and last night I bought quite a few bits of skin care off In terms of YouTubers I’ve really been following Lydia Millen and that’s how I found out about this website. I can’t wait to try the stuff I bought and develop a proper skin care routine. Also Jaeger had a sale, so I’m getting to work on my autumn/winter wardrobe.

Wow, this post is a bit random, but that’s me. Read it in instalments if you think it doesn’t flow right.

Night folks 😘


Outfit 1 – H&M striped shirt , All Saints Grey jeans

Outfit 2 – Zara floral top, H&M Jeans, Asos belt

Shoes Primark.


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