As part of my whole wellness movement, one of my main goals is clear skin. Luckily, I’m not a sufferer of acne, but I am prone to the odd spot and blackheads. I have combination skin – an oily T-zone, normal cheeks and then a dry chin. You have to work with what you got though, right!

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Up until a month ago I was using an all natural Aloe Vera bar soap from a company called SoapUk, but I think they have gone out of business. Then for a moisturiser, I used the seaweed face cream with Niroli, Jasmine and Vitamin E from Green Angel. Both of these served well for years, and I’m tempted to go back to the face cream. I’m starting to think it’s the main reason for the health of my skin given that the rest of my skincare routine was nonexistent. That said, I was still experiencing large pores and I just felt my face looked kinda dull, so now I’ve decided to try something new.

The first thing I did was research. In the end I decided I wanted to try Kiehl’s face wash.


It’s a lot less soapy than I’m used to, but I think that’s supposed to be good. I do feel like I have to cleanse twice with it for my face to be completely clean. It would probably be better if I removed my makeup first, hmmm! Either way, I do feel like it’s not overly drying and I’m seeing a lot less dryness on my chin. I’m not sure if I’ll try something else when this runs out, but it’s definitely one to keep in my arsenal until I find the perfect cleanser.

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Now the next item is a toner. I’ve been wanting to try hyalauronic acid for a while and have started using the Indi Lee Coq 10 toner. All I can say is thank you Lydia for this YouTube video. A few products in this routine were purchased on the back of that video. From the first use I noticed that my skin felt tighter, not dry, just firm. I’ve also noticed a reduction in the visibility of my pores, I know this is partly down to my night routine mentioned below.

Right, so on to a semi-regret… I purchased the Orogold eye treatment and eye cream, I got the face scrub thrown in free along with 2 facials, but at £300 – I realise this was not money well spent. Don’t get me wrong, the eye cream is having a great effect on my dark circles and puffiness. I just think I could have found something a lot cheaper to give the same results. I’m looking forward to the facial though, it’s this week and helps me rationalise the cost. Come on, 2 facials, eye cream, eye gel treatment and a face scrub – it’s not that bad? Did I mention there’s 24 karat gold in it. What a sucker, live and learn.


Anyway, as far as face cream goes. I’m loving this trio set from Laroche Posay.

At £16 (it may have been on offer in Boots) it was a bargain and it’s lasting ages. I love the face mist, it’s so cooling and wakes me right up in the morning. The moisturiser might be a little too much for my oily skin type, so again I may swap that out over time. The cleanser I use to remove eye makeup

As for my night routine, they say the best cure for ageing is prevention and as I approach 30, this is at the fore of my mind. I’m now trying the Alpha H Liquid Gold and the Sunday Riley Luna night serum. I can definitely notice a reduction in my pore visibility, I put that down to the Luna. As for the Liquid Gold- the main property is glycolic acid which works to loosen the dead skin from your face. The Alpha H I really like. It has a tingling effect and really smooths out your skin tone.

I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress and any other goodies I come across.




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