With only 2 days for the weekend, by Sunday, I’m usually on my last dregs of energy. That said, rather than completely veg out for the whole day I make a point of being proactive in sorting out my life and preparing for the week ahead.

My Sunday usually starts in bed with a cuppa. I go through my favourite blogs and get the inspiration I need to do what I need to do. In my DayOne App I’ll jot down a little todo list, so I can keep myself on track for the day.

IMG_0663On Sundays, I like to go to church, but I will say that time does not always allow. Weekends away and a build up of life Admin are usually the main culprits – last week it was just a case of burn out. My body was like sit your behind right back down, you’re not going anywhere. I don’t know about you, but a weekly dose of Church followed by spontaneous bible reading in the week really does something for my mental well being. If you’re not religious you may find similar escapism from mindfulness, meditation and daily reflection. I do these also.

The weekly deep clean also goes down on Sunday – well, if I’ve been busy or disorganised on Saturday that is. This week, we had some new wood flooring put down in our bedroom and in my dressing room. Friday evening was a mad dash to clear all the furniture out of both rooms. The flooring company came on Saturday morning and were finished doing both rooms by 4pm. We put the furniture back in the respective rooms yesterday, so I used today to sort through all our clothes and only put back what we actually use. It’s such a good job that we also run a removal company – there’s a lot that needs to go to the dump, so today we can just shove everything in the van until we’re ready to get rid of it.

It’s so nice to update your living space. The floor has motivated us to do the rest so coming soon will be a fresh lick of paint on the walls and a new desk and console table for our bedroom. In my dressing room I need a low wide chest of drawers, new curtains and again an updated paint scheme. I can’t wait!

Now the hard work is done, it’s important for me to do a bit of pampering. So far, I’ve washed and deep conditioned my hair and given myself a facial. Ultimately, for me the main point of Sunday is to de-stress. Although I have a lot on, doing these things now will make me less stressed throughout the week and if I am methodical – the Sunday life cleanse doesn’t usually take too long. Leaving ample time to sit down and get my headspace back.

Now I’m chilling and watching Xfactor whilst multitasking on this blog post.



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