One thing I’ve struggled with recently is realising that sometimes in life you get exactly what you want only to realise it is not at all what you need.

IMG_0687My decision to work in finance was based on one careers day at school in year 9. The connexions people came in and gave us this massive book with summaries of the different occupations and their indicative salary.

Up until precisely that point, I wanted to to be a doctor – specifically a neurologist. Growing up in America, medicine was a well sought after and highly lucrative career, but in the U.K. – with my 5 mins of advice from the career expert I was told that most people become a GP. When I looked at the salary and the number of years training that would be required I was like no way.

IMG_0688My second choice was architecture and that fell by the wayside for having a degree course even longer than medicine. I was stumped, so I went back to the book and blindly flipped through then the words investment banking caught my eye. Little did I know that whilst highly lucrative, this profession was also highly competitive. I left uni with a 2:2, leaving little hope of getting on to a bank graduate scheme. That said, in the end I was pretty lucky. I worked hard and did the whole event waitressing gig before landing a job in the ‘accounts’ department of a well known Indian restaurant chain. It was my job to enter the number of cabbages and carrots etc. Left over at the end of the day from their 10 restaurants – pretty riveting stuff, I know!

After that I got my first actual investment related job and I haven’t looked back since. I now work in responsible investment. Which at least lends itself to not being solely focused on capitalism, we consider the environmental and social impact of companies before we invest in them.

All the above aside and whilst I really love my job – I’m sure I’m not the first person to feel that there is value I could provide doing something else. Something completely different, something with a creative focus. If I had my time again I’m not sure I would actually change anything. Maybe I could have listened to my inner self more. The signs have always been there i.e. the feeling that I’m not quite meeting my full potential. If there is anything for me to be grateful for in 2017, it’s that I learned that. As with most things, better late than never ad I think I’ve finally found the outlet I need with my blog.

It’s still a struggle though, at least until I can change my entire situation, but I remain optimistic – we have plans!




For work yesterday, I broke out some of last year’s wardrobe  I still love this knit skirt from New Look. The light colouring breaks up an otherwise black outfit. You can find a similar one here.

I’ve decided ankle boots will be my go to this season. I need new ones, but I’m working with what I have. I bought these ones from a random shop in Budapest when I went there a couple years ago. They are so comfortable and with a platform and heel I can add a bit of height – necessary at 5ft 3.

Our office gets super cold so I paired the outfit with the cardigan from Zara. I got it last year and I wore it to death then and I’ll be doing the same again this year. boohoo have similar one here and I like this one from Forever21 in beige here.



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