IMG_0725Yesterday was just crap. You know when you have a day where literally nothing goes right. I went to the gym in the morning, then left on time only to get stuck in traffic. That meant I got home late and despite my best efforts to still leave on time, I didn’t. I then proceeded to get stuck in traffic again, a journey that should take 9 mins to 30. That meant I missed my train. Once I actually got to work, bearing in mind I organised my to do list from the day before, I didn’t get to do even one thing on it the whole day. Meetings, conference calls and incessant admin sent me to my wits end.

IMG_0729Today was completely different. I did skip the gym this morning and got up at 6 anyway. I got to work for a world record time of 7:50am, I’m more of an after 9 kinda girl, shhh! After yesterday’s meltdown, I ended up talking with a colleague. It’s funny how things can be put in perspective just by sharing an issue. So I managed to start the day right and offload some stress, plus the sun was out and I bought a Chicken Katsu wrap from Petticoat Lane for lunch. Now that’s not too shabby, all in all just a nice day

IMG_0728The point here is sometimes days are just crap, but you need to focus on the fact tomorrow will come. Cry it out or talk it out; either way you just need to get it out. Then go home and pamper yourself like I did i.e. use distraction tactics….


So today has been quite blustery, but the sun has been out in London. I didn’t get rained on once even though there’s been showers, win! I was wrapped up in my electric blue Jacket anyway. It has a suede/velvet texture and it’s perfect for this semi-autumn weather that’s going on at the moment. It was a bargain I spotted while shopping with my mum at Tesco – yes Tesco. When mum was picking up food of course I made a b line to the clothing department!

This morning I decided to put on this skirt and wrap blouse combo. I think it works really well with my ankle boots.

IMG_0746The skirt has some lovely gold stud detailing which means it’s easy to dress up or use as a transitional day to night outfit. I’ve had this skirt for years and I’ve never been able to fit in to it, so clearly the gym is working. It’s so nice to actually see some results. This year, has been a massive change for me in pretty much every aspect – losing weight, a change in job role, starting our removal company and my decision to start bogging. I’m excited about what 2018 may hold.



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