I’m always saying I have nothing to wear while staring at a room full of clothes. One thing I’ve learned recently is that while I have a keen sense of style, I’m kinda rubbish at shopping. I’m like a deer in headlights when I walk in to most shops. There’s so much to look at and how exactly do I pair any of it together.


Since starting my blog, I’ve really had to focus and dissect my tastes. This weekend while shopping with my friend Madz in Westfield, she pointed out that I have a habit of buying work clothes. Literally everything I pick up is a blouse, shirt or blaser. Yes I need to look smart for work and power dressing is my thing, what I really lack is normal everyday clothes that fit my style – don’t even get me started on going out clothes, I have none. I think after 5 years working in a corporate environment, I developed a reluctance to buy anything that I couldn’t wear to work. All this has led to a huge lack of statement pieces and a wardrobe devoid of colour. Well I’m about to get a whole lot more adventurous when it comes to dressing, just you wait and see.

Another issue I have is, when shopping I tend to pick up single items rather than outfits. I’d then take them home only to realise I have nothing to wear them with. From now on I will be shopping with outfits in mind. At the least I need to be thinking what else in my wardrobe does this go with? Should I buy something now to go with it?


We only had time to go to H&M yesterday. I had practically written off this shop thinking, beyond basics, there was nothing in there for me. I now realise the issue is I have forgotten what I like and have become a work horse rather than a clothes horse, ha! All these years and I’ve been walking straight past the very things that used to help me showcase my unique style. Well no more!


This autumn winter I’d really like to experiment with colour. Now I’m not really one for orange and I outright refused to try on this skirt when Madz said to, but I’m so glad I did. It has renewed my confidence in statement colour.


Get the look 👀

H&M Black top with Mesh – Here

H&M Orange Skirt – Here

H&M Wooly Coat – Here

H&M Black Skirt – Here

Jaeger Blue Cashmere Sweater – Here

H&M Black Pointed Mules – Here


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