IMG_1061I have a confession to make, I have been a serial supermarket clothes shopper, and proud of it! This was a habit borne out of convenience, before I discovered online grocery shopping. I used to head down to my local Sainsbury’s superstore and the first thing I’d do is browse the clothing section. Now I am definitely not a clothes snob, so the fact that the items are from a food store does not bother me at all. Over the years I’ve found loads of bargains and really good quality long lasting items that I still own and wear today. Plus the prices are great.

I think it is so important for fashion to be accessible. You have supermarkets, Primark, H&M and a host of other high street stores offering low cost trends and staples. These days I’m pretty sure you can create an entire outfit for £20.

Over recent years we have seen many celebrities acknowledging this gap in the market. Just because you’re not from a high income household doesn’t mean you have to look like crap. We’ve had Kenzo for H&M, Victoria Beckham for Target – let’s face it, there’s too many to mention. However, this week, Heidi Klum launched the Esmara line at Lidl. Now to me this is once again affordable fashion at its finest. I think the most expensive thing is the suede biker jacket at £50, but it’s a suede jacket, so well worth it if you ask me.


I picked up a couple items including this black midi length jacket. I love the leopard print lining which shows when you push up the sleeves or a gust of wind blows. It’s often the small details that make an outfit. I can see this jacket as a staple over the next few weeks before it gets really cold and then again in the spring.

IMG_1066The next item I bought is this sequinned jacket. Now in my last post I said I wanted to be more adventurous. This is not exactly that as it is about as near to black as you can get without being black. That said, I firmly believe there is a place for texture when it comes to ‘statement pieces’ and you can’t get much more statement than sequins. The jacket does have a slight purple tinge to it which means it goes well with both black and tan. I think this is the perfect third piece to jazz up a jeans and tee combo – heels are a given!

I’d love to hear about your Esmara pieces or your take on affordable fashion. I hope to afford high end designer pieces one day, I just love the craftsmanship, but until then I plan to share the best of the high street or in this case the supermarket.



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