I’ve been keeping my ear to the fashion ground a lot recently. I’ve been reading blogs, watching vlogs and searching google, but nothing compares to a good old fashioned magazine.

As a teenager, I was obsessed with them. I had no data package on my phone – was that even a thing yet? If I wanted to use the internet I’d have sit there and wait for the dial up, by the time I connected, my mum would be on my case about needing to use the phone. So analog was the only way forward. I made a whole thing of it. I usually picked up a magazine on the way home from school, I’d make a sandwich or something and then stretch out on my bed swooning at the glossy images – heaven!

Well now, I’m going back to my roots. That said, the magazine I picked up that has sent me in to a tizz, hankering for the new and beautiful, was actually Stylist. If you don’t live in London, you probably don’t know it. It’s a free magazine, but last week they put out a special editition and look what I spotted for autumn!

Guess Military Style Boots – Here

I love love love these, I can see me wearing these with skinny jeans or cut-offs and a military jacket I’m yet to find. It would also look great with a tan trench. The next topic of discussion.

M&S Hooded Trench Coat – Here

Payday is next bloody week, but I think I need this coat in my life. I’ve never seen a trench with a hood. If you have curly or afro hair like me and have ever had a blow dry that doesn’t even last until you back to your car, then you understand the need for coats with a hood.

Gucci T-shirt – Here

Definitely going to have to save up for this one. I just feel like it’s something I’d wear all the time. At the weekend with jeans and trainers, with a blazer and heels, with a mini skirt and over the knee boots- the possibilities are endless.

Chanel Gabrielle Perfume – Here


I actually discovered this yesterday in Elle magazine. It was love at first sniff. I put the tester on last night and could still smell it this morning and I sprayed again this morning and can still smell it now. Gorgeous! If anyone is struggling to figure out Christmas gifts for me, well here we go 😂

I’d love to know what’s on you wish list!<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<< t;<<<<<<


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