IMG_1268It’s set to be a busy one, but let’s start with the weekend. It started straight after work on Friday. I met up with the girls at Foggs Tavern in Soho. I wish I took more pictures. The place is pretty cool with weird and wonderful decor. The ceiling is adorned with hanging objects – dolls, bird cages, prams and stuffed thing we won’t mention. You get a slight feel of Bavarian beer house with the old maid uniforms and drinking mugs. The bar snacks were delicious and I’d really recommend the fried mushroom and potatoe balls, also the mini fish and chips, yum!

IMG_1188_Facetune_25.09.2017-17:37:15IMG_1178_Facetune_25.09.2017-17:39:11We stayed for a few and then a some of us moved on to going out out. I wasn’t really dressed for a night out, it was Jeans for Genes day at work so I didn’t do the whole fancy thing. We ended up in Club 49, I haven’t been clubbing for ages. Whilst I enjoyed the music at the start by the time the place started filling up around 12 I was like this is my queue to leave. I don’t know about you, but clubbing is not my favourite thing. I’d much prefer an intimate dinner and drinks or a bar with live music where you can sit down, but then have the choice to stand up and have a wee jig. I would say it’s because I’m getting old, but I’ve literally been like this for years I think it’s a matter of personal taste. All my friends know, T is up for anything, but don’t expect her to stay paste 10pm regularly, ha!


Well my Friday night antics meant I had to hot foot it to the train station where I managed to get the last train. I did jump in an uber for the last part of the journey. I cant believe they revoked their london licence. Uber is definitely not perfect, but it’s a necessity now so they need to fix this. Not to mention the thousands of drivers who would be jobless – most have hefty car payments for those Toyota Prius they like to drive. The knock on effects of this could be immense, I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t get renewed.

Anyway, Saturday I was knackered. It was so difficult to get up which wasn’t ideal given that I had to drive up to Birmingham to see my parents. My mum and I had salon appointments, so I got my nails and eyebrows done. You know how I feel about a bit of pampering.

We went home late afternoon and dinner was a delicious bowl of my mums Jamaican Saturday soup. This is basically chicken soup with loads of vegetables and it’s the consistency of perhaps an Irish stew. It’s yummy! After chilling for a bit and watching xfactor- is it me or is it really crap this year? We then went to a family party. I just love them. If nothing else we always have a good chinwag!


I’m trying to wear my hair curly more often which is going to mean havoc for my gym routine, I just need to make sure I actually do go. Only 3lbs until I reach my goal weight.

This week is set to be jam packed. I need to fit all my work in between Monday and Wednesday this week. Me and the girls are flying out to Barcelona for a long weekend on Thursday. I can’t wait. I could definitely use the break. I have a bit of free time just before and after. I plan to use it wisely. So look out for multiple post over the next week or two.



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