Month: October 2017

T Re: The Ordinary

In this post I’ll be reviewing a Deciem brand called The Ordinary. Since I started my blog in June, I’ve been reading up on skin care and have discovered the importance of having an actual routine. Your face is on show everyday and unlike your body, you can’t […]

T Re: The Weeks Ahead

So things are set to get busy over the next few weeks. For a start, and dare I say it, but we are l adding up to Christmas and I plan to get very festive this year. I want scented candles, a real Christmas tree, and lots of […]

T Re: Barcelona Round Up

So, it’s the end of our weekend, its been a complete world wind, check out my last post  here for the day one edit. True to form, we spent the early part of day two recovering from day one. When we finally dragged our bums out of bed and […]