So, it’s the end of our weekend, its been a complete world wind, check out my last post  here for the day one edit.

True to form, we spent the early part of day two recovering from day one. When we finally dragged our bums out of bed and got ready, the first objective was food and coffee. We headed over to a place called Brunch & Cake. You should check out their Instagram @brunchandcake. I was definitely impressed, the food looks amazing and when ordering from the menu you would never expect to see what you get. I ordered the dish with Prawn and Lobster Hollandaise now I’m super fussy so whilst I thought it was tasty, it was too heavy for me. So, instead I ordered the Iberico ham one which comes with Mac n Cheese and scrambled egg. I faired far between with that one. My friends had the smoked salmon and avocado bagel and I think that’s the best on the menu.

IMG_1869In hindsight, I wish I had tried the veggie option with halloumi. No matter what, it’s definitely worth it. The service was great and when I asked to have the second meal, even though I said I’d pay for the first, when we got the bill I was only charged for the one I ate. Perfecto!

IMG_1886We spent the afternoon walking and taking in the sites, Barcelona is a beautiful city. So much culture and history no matter which street you walk down.

The second day was really about the night. We recouped our energy then went back to our apartment to have an antipasti feast with lots of red wine. We then readied our selves for a night out.


IMG_1729IMG_1738First  stop, Carpe Diem in Barceloneta on the beach front, it has a more up market vibe. We got there a bit early, so the place was still set up for dinner and the club part doesn’t start until 1am. The music was a little too mellow and the crowd a bit too posey so we left around 2pm and headed over to Razzmatazz  this place is huge with an industrial feel. There are about 5 different rooms, each one plays different music including pop and RnB, techno and some more alternative stuff. Definitely glad to have ticked this place off as it is a known haunt.

IMG_1860IMG_1820IMG_1862Sunday was our last day we were catching a late flight so it was great to have the opportunity to do a bit more sight seeing. That said, Barcelona or rather the Catalans are in the middle of an independence vote and there were demonstrations. Some of which seemed to be fairly violent. We saw one small march that was peaceful but for the most part managed to avoid the danger.

IMG_1808We ventured through the gothic quarter and soon stopped off for drinks in a little tapas bar on one of the back streets. That’s one of the best things about Barcelona there’s quirkiness at every turn and everything is rustically beautiful. When we got on our way again we each spotted a few shops we wanted to browse and picked up some bits.

IMG_1816I can honestly say I had a fab weekend and would recommend Barcelona to anyone. I plan to go again because I most certainly didn’t get to see everything.


Oh, I’m so grateful we managed to get back to London. We flew back on a Monarch flight and I woke up this morning to find out the airline has gone bust and people are stranded abroad. Phew! My heart does go out to those people. Ironically we flew to Barcelona on Ryanair, but again weren’t affected by the flight cancellation. I’d say we definitely lucked out!


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