IMG_2106So, in my last post you would have seen me rave about the Green Angel Face Cream. This is still very much the basis for the improvement in my skin and the decrease in oiliness I have seen over the last couple of weeks. I know because I’ve used this product for years and didn’t experience severe oil until I swapped it out. Check out my post for more details and a Green Angel discount code.

IMG_2102Face cream aside, I can also attribute my matte complexion to the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer and Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. It’s not only about reducing shine, using these products I have noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of my pores. In terms of application of the primer, I’ve found that patting it on rather than rubbing it in gives the best results. Using a soft brush I use the translucent powder to set my under eye highlight and nose area. I bought the medium-dark shade of the powder, I never used the white powder and many do say that it could be used on all skin tones, but the thought of swiping white powder across my face after I’ve finished my makeup is a stretch too far for me. I’m getting visions of a geisha. You know in my uni days, I worked for an events company and did a job where we got flown out to Bahrain to waitress at some elite wedding. There were black women there, I think they had a religious role as they were waving around little urns with smoke and incense, but the one thing that really stood out was that their foundation was about 10 shades too light, it was like they had done their makeup with talcum powder! If anyone understands why this would be then let me know please!

This brings me on to the next item, my YSL All Hours Concealer. I have it in shade 05 and use it to highlight my under eye and cheekbone areas. Once this stuff drys it literally stays in place, so I’ve come to realise using a damp beauty blender is the best way to apply it. It’s sticking power is the main reason I love it and at £22.50 I feel like it’s reasonable for the brand and it will last ages.


Now on to the high street/drugstore makeup, I am really loving the L’Oreal True Match Concealer, for use as an actual under eye concealer (dark circles). I’m using shade Caramel Toffee; they have so many shades, and I’m old enough to remember when this was actually an issue. If you’re  dark skinned and wanted makeup to match your skin tone you were fairly limited to MAC and Bobby Brown, super expensive. I really think the rise of good quality high street makeup has contributed to a decline in the price of the high end stuff – competition, bring it on please! I swear it is literally an exact match to my skin. It’s to the point sometimes I dot it on blemishes and then I can’t find where I put it to blend it in – first world problems, I know! Once it drys, again it stays in place and it’s the perfect base to follow up with the YSL highlight. I then ‘bake’ the whole area with Laura Mercier powder.

I haven’t tried all that many mascaras, I think like four in my life and I’ll admit to being stuck on Maybelline’s Collosal Mascara for years, you know the yellow one, but based on a recommendation I decided to try Max Factor Luxe Collection Masterpiece Max Mascara Black. This is way better and is super buildable, so you can go from understated to wow in a few swipes. I do plan to try others, but have a feeling this is a new staple.

Finally, I think I’m still in love with the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10. That said, I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase or try something else. When I was going through my oil fest a few weeks back I fell out of love, but now I know it was that random face cream I decided to try, since I’ve gone back to Green Angel the double wear has been redeemed.

Until next time peeps!



I wore this outfit to work today. The bodysuit is from River Island and the trousers are from Mango. Paired with my trusty wrap around belt and heels I was perfectly cinched in at the waist and work ready. Being 5ft 3 with no hips, my sole aim in life is to create shape with my outfit and I was definitely impressed with this one. All of it is far too old to link, but if you see any wrap around belts like this – basically a long piece of material you tie yourself, please let me know because mine has started falling apart 🙁



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