I’m not sure I can call my blog a fashion blog just yet. I talk a lot about what’s going on in my life and the stuff I like, hopefully I’ll get to fashion blog status at some point.

For now I’m really enjoying wearing what’s in my wardrobe. I’m just off my goal weight, I’ll be sure to do a before and after when I’m ready. What I have achieved though, is an ability to fit in to the clothes that have been languishing in my wardrobe for years. I really thought I had no clothes, but all I had to do was take my heavy a-double-snakes to the gym. Ironically, I’m starting to need new clothes anyway; now they don’t fit because they’re too big rather than too small. I started at 10st 13lb (153lbs) at my heaviest in May – I weighed myself this morning and I’m now 10st 1lb (141 lbs). The numbers don’t really matter that much at 5ft 3 I think according to the rule books I’m technically still overweight. I guess my muscular build has something to do with it. Like every girl all I want is a flat stomach and I’m nearly there.

For this post I thought I’d share my week in outfits. I work in a corporate environment, but we operate a smart casual dress code.

Monday –


A white shirt with a white pinstriped black knit skirt. The white shirt is from H&M and the skirt from Zara. I actually bought this shirt a few weeks ago as I needed a new white shirt. I realise now it’s not enough to have one either – the length, shape, style and texture all give a completely different look. This one has a linen-ish texture and I think it goes well with the knit skirt. I love zara and I love this skirt, it has a stretchy waistband which is how I used to fit in to it, so now it just looks better. The white stripes add a bit of extra detail if I wear it with a black top, so I find it to be comfortable and versatile.



I decided to wear this dark blue Zara midi-skirt with an old Primark  shirt. The shirt is definitely an item I have struggled to fit in to. I haven’t been able to pull this outfit off until now. Being a shorter girl, it’s hard to where long skirts sometimes without looking like a granny. This one has a split on the right side which further helps with the youthful vibe. What completely made the outfit is this wide belt, it just added that extra edge. I will definitely be wearing this outfit again!


As for outerwear, I’ve had this aviator jacket with faux fur detail, again for years, and it fits again. It’s short, but warm and allowed me to show off my skirt – sometimes I hate how coats cover up your outfit. Overall, Tuesday was a good day in my closet.

Wednesday –


I went back to monochrome, but my outfit still had some vibe with this electric (well that’s what the pattern looks like to me) black and white shirt from TFNC. It’s actually quite a long shirt, but I’ve tied it up around my waist so that I could pair it with my failsafe black work skirt.

Thursday –


I had one of those ‘I have nothing to wear moments’ whilst standing in front of my entire wardrobe, ha! It honestly took me ages to decide only for me to choose something entirely different as I was about to walk out the door.

At first I settled on this black and white striped dress with my Karen Millen cardigan, it looked decent enough, but I could not be bothered to keep pulling my dress down all day. Now I definitely could not fit in this before, even now I think still a tad too tight. I might save this for another time.

5ADC87C8-B524-44C5-860B-292A45D1D3A86AA6362B-1B68-40AD-9F4C-CF020D78BD79.jpegIn the end I went for a long grey dress from Primark and a waterfall cardigan from Zara. Paired with this long black necklace I felt much more comfortable.

Friday – it was wear pink for breast cancer day. A missed opportunity because I don’t read my emails properly. I literally saw ‘dress down day’ and the date in the subject line and left it there, didn’t bother to read the rest. Needless to say, but I didn’t wear pink, I wore grey jeans and a white shirt. I’ll admit I didn’t even get to do my morning selfie. Work is really full on and by Friday I was exhausted and the extra sleep was more than required.

T x




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