DE2B2D6A-CD15-4899-A626-01ED34CFD9A4So, yesterday was the day… the day my 20s ended, but this time the end is the start of something bigger, better and greater than I can ever imagine, or at least I hope so. God knows I’m going to work hard for that to be the case, but what have my 30 year’s of wisdom taught me…

1. People will try to hold you down – some times this is on purpose, but mostly it’s inadvertent, they don’t even realise they’re doing it. Whether it be your boss, a partner or family member, I’ve learned people always have stuff to say. The main lesson here though is, rather than fight them on each point, just show them what you’re made of. Show them why your choices are right for you and just run with it.

2. Admit when you’re wrong – as kids, you have a certain amount of fear over your actions. You know you will be accountable to your parents or whoever so if you do something wrong it’s really tempting to glaze over the issue and bury your head in the sand. Thing is, you don’t learn anything this way. Further, if you’re an adult, you’re accountable to yourself, but for any kids out there, this is the main difference when growing up – being accountable for your own actions and not needing to be told right from wrong. Admitting when you’re wrong also garners trust from those around you. They will know that you’re straight up and not fussed about how you look if things go wrong.


3. Have a plan, but don’t be afraid to change it – I wasted so many years chasing after pipe dreams I was sold at school. It was the whole school, college, uni then find a grad scheme then a job in banking. I did it all and then nearly had a melt down when my grad scheme fell through (in hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened). I spent ages feeling sorry for myself, but eventually persevered and got where I needed to be only to find out, none of it was what I really wanted. I am now finally starting to discover myself. I think I always knew, but I was to scared to change my plan – well no more.

4. Keep your friends close and cut your enemies loose – I use the term enemy, but frenemies are also included. Those people who claim to be on your side and want the best for you, but time and again you find yourself being let down. Well the older I’ve gotten, the less and less time I have for these people. If they don’t add to your life then they might as well not be part of it. Friendships are reciprocal, you should give as much as you take. That said, true friends know you and as we get older our responsibilities change, so just because you don’t want to hang in the club every week like you used, doesn’t mean you love them less.


These are just a few of the many lessons I’ve had over the years. I’m sure there are many to come too!


About the pics…

As part of my birthday treat my friend took me to the lovely Bannatyne Spa in Orpington. I had a back, neck and shoulder massage. Much needed! We then followed up with afternoon tea. What a perfect end to a lovely birthday!


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