066DEA84-EE89-4D3E-B3D8-FB2C3BBAFA92If you’ve been following me you’ll know this weekend I’m on a business trip in India. Currently I’m sitting on the Heathrow Express and I am starting as I mean to continue by stamping out a blog post on the way.

8D7ECE26-1417-48CB-95FA-1AA1190CED69Last weekend I went home to Birmingham and given it was my 30th birthday on Tuesday, it was great getting to see my family beforehand and ahead of my trip. That aside, the main reason I travelled up to brum was to attend my friend’s night – shout out to Tony, Chris and baby Rose. Anyway, what an event. Now my friend is super organised so thI fact this has been booked for the best part of a year is no surprise to me. We all went on a 1920s themed murder mystery train ride, complete with dinner and drinks.

3101D421-B78A-424A-82D5-6FD0F1EF85E1Now, when I first heard about this I was super apprehensive. I’m the biggest wuss going when it comes to scary things. I like a crime novel and an action movie, but horror films and interactive murder murder mystery I figured aren’t for me.

E4944E6E-196C-4EFC-ACB5-7F4E12F604F3We boarded at Severn Valley Railway Kidderminster and then set off to Bridgenorth. I won’t ruin the story, but picture a well to do 1920s daughter of someone affluent being blackmailed by a drug dealer and then a reporter dies. Well, it was a good and proper ‘who done it’ and I loved every minute.

E2DFC042-446D-4635-BE8F-90C9AB7E5429809F70CA-2CBA-4405-A7A4-2BDA1AF12984The best part was catching up with those I haven’t seen in a long time. Check out my last blog post on T Re: Life Lessons, but another thing I’ve learned is that some times it’s good to make friends with your old friends. New friends are great, but there’s nothing like catching up with those you have history with.

I started this post in England and finished it 34,000 feet in the air, now I’m at the DBX departure lounge waiting for my connecting flight to Mumbai. I’m really looking forward to this trip. It’s something well out my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing.



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