C77EF9B3-2F75-4A18-8A74-E872EF45E2D5I’m back from my trip to Mumbai in India. It’s was definitely an experience and a good first foray in to international travel on my own. Call me sheltered, but it’s been kind of daunting embarking on this trip. Everyone has their opinion of India and I’m sure much of it is warranted, but the country is going through a massive change and with that comes pockets of cosmopolitan and luxury.


Given that I was working, I didn’t get to see much. That said, Mumbai knows how to do upmarket whilst surrounded by slums. I get the sense that as a people, Indians are hard working, but face a lot of historic and systemic issues that go some way to stunting the country’s  development or at least the speed of it.


I stayed at the Sofitel Mumbai. This hotel is gorgeous with ornate fixtures and a Parisian theme. The minute you arrive you’re greated by a host and taken to your room. I can only describe mine as a mini suite – a queen sized bed, a large couch and a desk filled the main room and the bathroom had a jacuzzi bath and separate shower with vanity area. If there’s only one thing I can say about this trip it’s that I loved this hotel. They kindly left me a few treats one afternoon…


I wish I took pictures of all the lovely Indian food I ate, but there were loads of working lunches and let’s just say it would have been inappropriate. That said room service was great and the chef knew how to improvise for a girl with a fried prawn craving

I really recommend the spa. I had a massage and that was a welcome treat on the second to last day.


As far as places to eat. We ate out twice other than the meals we had at the conference itself. If you like dim sum – I would highly recommend Yauatcha in the Bandra Kurla Complex. This is by far the tastiest food of the trip and it was definitely an Indian take on the Chinese classic, but still authentic. Due to the size of our group we took up most of the restaurant and our organisers arranged for a huge selection to be served. My plate was never empty and the wine flowed (though I knew to pace myself). I was starving and completely forgot to take a few snaps, but by far my favourite was the large prawn wrapped in spinach and rice paper. I need to check if there’s one of these places in London.

888B6392-5678-4AB6-A0F3-EDC7B2B442E9Next we went a bit further out and this is always a risk in India due to the traffic. We were supposed to go for a drink before dinner at the Taj hotel – Nariman Point, but couldn’t make it in time. Instead we went straight on to our restaurant of choice – a place called Trishna in Bandra. This is a seafood restaurant and I see why it is rated so highly. We were a much smaller group this time but still large enough to warrant getting a good selection of dishes. I again really enjoyed the prawns – this time fried and quite spicy. This place is down a side street so our bus driver was kind enough to show us the way. I took a few snaps of the surroundings but again it seems once I sit at the dinner table my phone is likely the furthest thing from my mind.

Finally, I won’t bore you with the reasons I was there, but we visited the fabulous Taj hotel Landsend. Now this is what you call a fancy hotel. I was lucky enough to find myself on the 25th floor where views out to sea were amazing, but it you turn around and look towards the city and past the haze you get an insane view of Mumbai.


I’d really love to visit India again one day, but on holiday and with an itinerary packed with culture.


Of course I found time for a little shopping, but I’ll show you what I bought in another post.

Until the next trip peeps!



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