Month: December 2017

T Re: Finally Festive

Today’s post feels like perfect timing for me giving the weather. It has been snowing on and off across London today and I have had messages from friends and family in Birmingham where the last 24hrs has been described as a blizzard ha! For any Americans out there, […]

T Re: Off days

London is a busy city, everyone going back and forth about their daily business. If you know me that you know I love the weekend, especially the ones where nothing is planned. I’ll wake up in the morning then head straight for the shower. I’ll spend time washing […]

T Re: Dealing with Stress

In my everyday life I find myself wearing many hats. Girlfriend, Analyst, Business Partner, Family Member and now Blogger. All these things pretty much need looking after on a daily basis and I haven’t even factored in life admin. How do I deal? How does anyone deal with […]