15176057-B9F1-40CB-911A-58CE84446E29Oh my God! This has got to be the start up of all start ups. I think we are headed toward a revolution here…. what the hell am I talking about? Well it says it on the tin, but I’ll elaborate.

I was watching one of Patricia Bright’s YouTube videos the other day and she mentioned a site called 21buttons. It’s a fashion lovers/wannabe influencers dream! You basically upload pics of your favourite outfits, then use the tagging functionality to create a link to where people can buy it, on the actual website. You can even earn cash if people click through and purchase the items you’ve tagged.

I’ve been using affiliate links on my blog posts. Perhaps one day I’ll actually earn something and be able to fulfil my ambitions of doing this full time. The point is, if you see how much time it takes to link stuff you’d probably ask why I bother with so few subscribers. 21buttons makes the process simple and their search engine is on point, so it doesn’t take long to find what you’re trying to link.

I see this as another tool I can use to get some exposure for my blog and also more fashion inspiration. This app is what would be born if Instagram and Pinterest had a baby!

Well this is a very short post, for me anyway, but I just had to share! I love it.

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