D54AC0D8-355F-41A9-85DF-310A37F00DC1One thing I’d like to do a lot more this year is see family and friends, especially my family outside London, but I’m glad I managed to fit in a social with my girlies within the first few days of the year. It’s all about planning things in advance, if you read my post T Re: 2018 Planning – My Journal and App Combo you’ll see how I’m getting organised for 2018, it’s all about living my best life and that requires planning.


So to kick off my first social of the year we  deciddd to check out an event that was promoted on Facebook called Gypsy Tango Caberet one great thing about having a diverse group of friends is doing this random and out the box! I would never have chosen tho show on my own.

This was a Pizza Express Live event held in the basement of their Kings Road restaurant. It has an old speakeasy vibe which was very fitting to the operatic sounds of Ann Liebeck and two of the UK’s most well-known tango musicians Julian Rowlands and Tom Mason. You may have seen Julian on Strictly Come Dancing.

Well I thought the show was amazing. Ann sang tangos and operas from the 1920s to 1950s and I found the music really soothing. I’ll definitely be listening to more opera going forward, I did at work yesterday. Sometimes my office can be noisy, I used to try to listen to my usual pop and rnb, but I’d get distracted by the lyrics. With opera, I can still focus and concentrate, but all the office banter can be silenced for a bit.

This year I want to do more out the box. Oh I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more Pizza Express Live events, who doesn’t enjoy a pizza wine and live music.

Do you like opera or am I just weird?

Nb: this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.



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