So we have already done a whole week of 2018. Everyone is posting about goals and plans and things they want to achieve. I too have been in this mindset, but for me I’m not setting too many goals this year.


I said this to my friend Alex the other day and she was like, there must be things you want to improve. I was like of course, but for me they are not goals in the sense of some kind of new me master plan. Every year I pick myself apart and come up with this unsustainable list of bad habits I need to stop and a list of ‘the perfect me’ habits I should pick up. What happens with these? I do them for a week, max two then they’re out the window. When you look back at the year you just have a long list of things you didn’t accomplish and you feel like shit.

This year I have one aim – call it a goal if you want, but it’s to simple be more organised. I’m talking about serious planning. For example I want to maintain the weight I lost last year and maybe lose a bit more. Rather than committing to go to the gym everyday or engage in some radical diet, I’ve planned additional cardio in my days by changing my commute again. Then as far as food – it’s portion sizes and common sense – if I have a McDonald’s today maybe I should have a salad tomorrow or do an at home work out. It’s all about being sustainable. Knowing what you want and planning in small steps to get there.


Another thing I’ve done, but this didn’t just happen on the back of the new year, is had an attitude shift. I’ve stopped thinking negatively, or at least I aim to push those thoughts aside. I really do believe in the law of attraction. It’s not some fluffy idea really, if you break it down it makes sense. For example, say you hate your job (I love mine so this is not me sending subliminals) if you focus on the hate, what happens?

1. You feel like shit.

2. It will show to your colleagues and chances are you will do a mediocre job and that might result in an unintended outcome, like getting sacked and unless that was your intention that’s a really crap outcome for the other parts of your life.

3. You are likely to be so depressed you can’t even be bothered to look for another job or if you do you don’t put your all in to the application.

In the end the negativity can take over and lead to a depressive state that impacts your life beyond just work.

Thinking positively is a choice it’s you saying I know stuffs not great right now, but I want to put that to one side and focus on the things that are good. If you reverse the sentiments I used above, can you see how it might lead to better outcomes?

A more happy and chipper you means your more likely to be in the headspace to accept opportunities that come up or simple spot that they have.


The final point is, don’t be too hard on yourself – Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that! It takes a while for things to become a habit, just focus on the outcomes and the little steps and you’ll get there. Realistically, bad things will still happen, it’s the circle of life. When they do, try to look at it positively I often think, ok what am I meant to learn from this, or what did I do that resulted in this outcome. With that knowledge you can change your behaviours and who knows what you have avoided in the future by changing things up now. Embrace the bad times they’re there to teach us.

Thoughts welcome, let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing

Top – old H&M, this works well also

Skirt – Warehouse – here

Jacket – old Tesco (yes Tesco) – Similar here and here. Also check out my post T Re: A Camel studded Jacket and Boots where I feature the Zara studded version.

Shoes – old Dorothy Perkins, similar here and here
Belt – old Primark I think, here



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