92DBE7BA-5227-4843-A483-ED05633B04F3If you’ve read my other beauty posts you’ll know that oily skin is a struggle for me. I’m still nailing down my skin care routine, but also of great importance is your foundation.  Recently I decided to try  Giorgio Armani Power Fabric. It seems to be the best so far at keeping my face relatively shine free, but as with everything it’s all in the application.


I start with the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer, that foundation will need something to hold on to! If you’ve read this Post you’ll know I like to pat mine in place, it gives a better finish to me. Then I apply a pump and a half of the he Power Fabric, using a stippling brush and a dabbing motion.


Finally, to set it all in place when I’m done with the rest of my makeup.  I mist on some of this L’Oréal Infallible Fixing Mist. I’ve never used a fixing spray before and I’m so glad I picked this one up. It acts s barrier between my makeup and everything else. My only advice is shake it well before spraying and dont spray near dark surfaces as the liquid is white and can leave little speckles. It wipes off easily though.

I’m always interested to try others, if there’s any you recommend let me know in the comments.



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