4071C537-878A-4322-B452-1EBCC9D24835As is often the case I find myself writing this post while on the train. As someone who lives in South London, it is most likely that if I’m on a train, I’m commuting to work. What’s sad is the level of selfishness that people show. I find it funny that when it’s my turn to get on it’s suddenly packed and I’m like, oh how convenient for you that you happen to live further up the line and get on the train every day without fuss. Don’t we all need to get to work? Or how about the people in the middle who refuse to move down. I just had this woman, who was standing to the side and I could clearly fit in, what did she do? Turn full on, selfish! They have this complete tantrum over what they perceive to be their space – like it’s prime real estate. I once had a guy tell me there’s no more space, I proceeded to squeeze in anyway only for 5 other people to get on at the next stop.


Yes I’m having a moan, but this kinda crap doesn’t help with keeping faith in humans. We treat animals better than other humans and are so caught up our own lives, never mind other people who is may be also having a tough day. Well I won’t give up faith because for every selfish asshole there is another lovely person who doesn’t need to see a baby on board badge to give up their seat.

Rant over!

Work Outfit of the Week

I’ve really been loving this polka dot top at the moment. I seem to be pairing it with leather skirts or trousers that just graze my ankle. It’s perfect for work, but also goes well with jeans so it’s easy to transition to the weekend.


The top is from Bershka and I am really loving their stuff at the moment. Great in terms of price point and as much as they are well known, your not yet in danger of seeing half of London walking around in your outfit like their sister company Zara.

As for my skirt, you will have seen me wear it to death on my blog and Instagram. I do love it though! I like to finish this outfit with court shoes, my favourite pair are from Aldo and I bought they in India a few months back.

I’m thinking of doing a mini haul at Bershka, let me know if you’d like to see a post about it.

Shirt – Similar
Skirt – Similar if not more gorgeous
Shoes – Wheaton mules from H&M but I tend to wear this outfit with court shoes Similar here




  1. February 4, 2018 / 9:50 am

    I feel you. That is the main reason why I decided to move to a different company near my area as commuting to London is such a pain and feels like an everyday battle. I used to work at London Bridge and lived at west sussex. It takes me more than an hour to get to work. Moving on to your outfit i love everything 😍 especially that skirt, it gorgeous. I always wear midi skirt to work before but never tried it with that type of fabric/material 👍

    • lifetrestyle
      February 4, 2018 / 10:22 am

      Thanks, yes I also commute in to London Bridge I actually then need to walk 25mins to work from there, but I’d rather do that than spend another second on public transport.

      Thanks also for your comments on the outfit, yep skirts and tops are defiant my go to for workwear! 😘

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