I’ve been blogging for a little while now, like literally only since the summer last year, but as I’ve said before, one of the main reasons I started this was to pay more attention… to myself. I turned 30 last year, you could call it a one-third life crisis or whatever you want, but the main point is I woke up one day and didn’t recognise myself.


I was talking to a friend about this the other day, like how do you wake up, look at yourself and be surprised by what you see when you see yourself everyday. For me, and perhaps a lot of people, it’s because it was a gradual process. Bit by bit I let myself go and I only noticed after the fact. I was getting heavier, my hair wasn’t right I didn’t know how to do my makeup properly and then because I looked like shit in my eyes, I felt it too. I’d come home and throw on old clothes often with bleach stains on and sit down and veg out in front of the tv with my boyfriend.

To a certain extent I still do this, the come home and veg out part, but now I am more mindful that if this is my everyday then it’s going to lead me straight back to where I don’t want to be, in terms of my appearance. That said, one thing I am actively trying to change is how I look in the house. I don’t want to look like a mess, ever! We spend a lot of time indoors over the winter months and even more so, just because I’m in a long term relationship doesn’t mean that I should take it for granted. 12 years is a long time and I want to know that I can still look good even when there’s no reason to.

So to that end I did what I love to do, I went shopping. I am upping my loungewear and nightwear game and here’s what I think so far. I’m planning to do underwear/lingerie in another post.


Pyjamas – to me these are a go to. They double up as both loungewear and nightwear. I recently picked up this two piece shorts set from Figleaves. It has a luxury feel to it with the satin material and I love the royal blue colour. This one has a bee motif that fits in with my style, I think it’s cute. For me it’s about being comfortable and this fits the bill. Yes it’s a little more on the expensive side, but I want the good stuff. Given the amount of time you spending in loungewear and sleeping to me it’s important that it has longevity.

I will be adding to my collection over time. Here’s a few items that I love, hopefully you can get some ideas. For me it’s all about living my best life and that means looking good in the house too.

Click the images if you would like to add any of these to your collection.

Bee Print Satin Short Set


Bluebella Wren Kimono And Trouser Set


H&M really gave me life for this post  I love that they are doing premium quality. If you’re in to luxury fabrics then this is definitely an entry point. Both pieces below are silk.



I use affiliate links most of the time, which means if you click though and buy anything using one my links the company may choose to pay me a small fee. I myself have never experienced this, but at least I can see what you guys like when you click anyway! 😘🌺




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