Ok, so here on the blog I have been toying with the idea of having some kind of weekly consistency in posting. Given that I only started blogging last June, it’s taken me a while to settle and get used to what I’m doing.

I’ve decided I want to post three times a week. I know some people do a lot more, but this is ambitious for me. I work full time and I know there will be times when I really can’t be bothered or something happens in real life, but for the most part, I want to post on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Scarf – old from River Island, Beige Roll Neck – old, Duster Jacket – Dorothy Perkins, similar here, Beige Trousers – M&S, similar here

For the Sunday post I’m thinking to do a weekly roundup. I plan to share some highlights from the week, including things I love right now or places I’ve been. More than anything, I feel like it will be a great way to inject a bit more personality in to my posts.

Well, no time like the present!

This week has definitely been one of focus and reflection. A couple of weeks ago, I started listening to a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R Covey. I’m about half way through. It is definitely helping me focus on spending my time doing the things that will help me achieve my life goals. Also, when you realise that a lot of the problems you have are down to your own perceptions of outside influences rather than your own doing, you suddenly stop making excuses. You also learn the difference between effectiveness and efficiency.

Black Roll Neck – similar here, Black Leather look skirt – similar here

All that effectiveness talk, did inspire me to get organised and although I’ve been an avid promoter of the bullet journal / planner ( check out out this post where I explain my set-up for 2018 – here), I still needed something portable. I need to be able to write to-do lists, but also keep on top of my schedules for work and home life all in one place. I still use my massive filo-fax, but I’ve found it’s best for longer term planning and sketching out the bones of my blog posts.

So I went on the hunt, for the perfect app of course. I’ve tried so many, but there’s an app called Calendars in the App Store and I swear it has been life changing. You can sync both your iPhone calendar as well as your google calendar. For me this was key, I always log my personal stuff in google and then work meetings and stuff sync to my iPhone calendar through Outlook. Now, I can view it all in one place – no more double booking myself –  signing up to work drinks when I’m meeting friends etc. I’m also loving the task functionality, you can set daily and recurring tasks. The tasks have a little tick box next to them so you can mark them off as you do them and if you haven’t ticked something off today. It’s added to tomorrow’s list. I would really recommend this app to anyone looking for a way to really get organised. That said, it’s only as good as you goal setting and future planning. Set tasks to help you achieve your goals and beware of time gremlins.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you’ll know I’ve also been focused on fitness this week. I am aiming to go to the gym three days a week. Last week I went Monday to Wednesday after work and discovered a love affair with Virgin Active Body Balance classes. I got to test out the new gym wear I featured in this post – here I’m loving the Gymshark leggings they are super comfortable and wash well. Same goes for the Asos shirt too, but don’t put it in the dryer as the plastic labels start to curl a bit from the heat. Overall, both really good buys.

Gymshark leggings (sold out) – similar here, Asos 4505 Training T-shirt – here – Trainers from Nike – similar here

It was International Women’s Day on Thursday. You would have to be living under a rock not to notice the traction the #metoo, #timesup movements and female empowerment in general have been getting of late. It’s about time as well. I am so proud that in my own small way, through my profession as an environmental, social and governance analyst, I am able to push this sort of agenda with companies listed on stock exchanges. Company boards that don’t have appropriate levels of diversity pose a greater risk to shareholders and the general public. We should all do our bit to make it known that certain behaviours are unacceptable and doing nothing at all can be just as bad.

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