35A68199-109D-46DE-9CC3-08810A40513FToday’s post is a review of the Ole Henriksen Oil Balance System. That’s the thing with these ole products, it’s all in the name; see what I did there, ha! The key here is oil reduction. I can’t remember where I came across this brand, no doubt on one of my many internet trawling sessions. Anyway, as I’ve said copious times on this blog, I have an oily skin type. Over the years, I’ve found various products that have worked to a certain degree, but never completely.

Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser – I was attracted to the active ingredients including eucalyptus and green tea, it also contains glycolic and lactic acid. I hoped together these would help my skin stop producing excess oil. I like this cleanser, it has a slight foam without being too harsh. My skin feels really clean after use. It’s been a few weeks and when this runs out I am seriously considering getting another.


Balancing Force Oil Control Toner – now the toner I really love! It smells great and has similar active ingredients to the cleanser, but salicylic acid as well. I have definitely noticed a reduction in the appearance of my pores and my skin feels refreshed after I use it without being tight. I am definitely getting this again.

Counter Balance Oil Hydrator – I’m not completely sold on the moisturiser. It is a lovely consistency, but I think I still love my Green Angle one featured in this post – here. I think it works well as a lightweight moisturiser and I do notice the mattifying properties. Perhaps it does contribute to the oil reduction, but I can’t help it think that’s more down to the cleanser and toner.


Overall, I would use these products again, especially the toner. I have noticed a reduction in the appearance of my pores and the difference in the texture of my skin is definitely worth it. Hopefully over time the oil will continue to decrease. if you want to try this range out, they do a starter kit called Balance it All that includes smaller versions of these three products. I’ve used them pretty much twice a day since the start of Feb and it’s still going. My journey continues, ha!

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