I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned that I am currently working full time. It’s a corporate environment and while it’s not as formal as some places, most people make at least a little effort. It is tough though, trying to think of things to wear for the whole week, so I totally get why some people can’t be assed. That said, I am not one of those people. I feel a certain confidence that can be partly linked to my appearance.

One thing I thought of this week was to revamp something old. I’ve had this grey cardigan for years and I thought to pair it with a belt that cinches me in at the waste. I’ve seen this a lot recently, belts being worn as outerwear, but it’s something I’ve always done.

This outfit is simple, a black base, and let’s face it when you’re stuck for something to wear in the morning, that’s what you start with. From there you can creat so many outfits, but in this case I’ve gone for the cardigan and belt combo.

I love the way the bulkiness of the cardigan, it adds shape to what is otherwise a really straight outfit and the belt stops me from looking bigger than I am. With a pair of heels, this look can carry you from the office straight to cocktails – which was exactly what I did yesterday. That said, you can achieve the same look with almost anything.

What’s your go to ‘I have nothing to wear’ outfit!



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