One product that has featured heavily this week has been the L’Oréal Foundation Sticks. Now these have received a bit of stick recently (sorry could help it) because the range only has like 12 shades and the variation at the darker end is minimal. Now I’ll be the first one to agree that brands should be inclusive, but I love L’Oréal and over the years they have definitely expanded the offering for people of all colours.

This particular product has a dual use, foundation and highlight/concealer. For me I wasn’t so much interested in using this as a foundation, I wanted to try a cream contour and this really fits the bill. That said, the product feels really nice on the skin so I look forward to the release of more colours in the summer. I also bought their Gold is Cold highlight and I love the subtle shimmer it gives. Let’s face it, nobody wants to look like a beacon at work.

I bought, shade 240 Espresso as my dark contour and shade 200 Honey, for my under eye and T-zone light contour / concealer. I love how easy these products are to blend. I need to buy a new beauty blender though, one for the light and dark shades separately, I’ve been using a brush but I think a sponge will work better.

I find that it lasts really well also, especially when you use the Loreal setting spray I mentioned in this post – T Re: Foundation Setting

Otherwise, this week has been a fairly standard one. I’ve been continuing with the gym and although I only made it in twice instead of three times, I’m glad I went. I did a class called body attack, it’s all in the name so why I did it at lunch and was then surprised to be completely dead after, makes no sense. Not sure I’ll do that one again all that jumping around is not for me!

As I mentioned last week, I’m trying to bring some consistency to my blogging world. I really love writing my posts and I am definitely trying to grow a following. Given that I started from nothing, pre June last year I didn’t use social media. I had a Facebook account, but as far as I was concerned it had no use beyond when you go out people would take and share photos (then WhatsApp came along) or to check in to places like the airport so your mates can see your off on holiday and the little map that show how far you’re travelling.

Discovering Instagram was a huge eye opener. It’s definitely the most visual way to share content. I’m keen to keep bettering my feed by taking more and more interesting photos. A lot of people complain about changes to the algorithm, honestly I haven’t got a clue about that. Though, I do recognise it is hard to get people to see my posts and engage. Anyway, I am slowly increasing my following and I have a goal to get to 400 on instagram by the first week in April, but we’ll see. I need to start doing insta stories and live videos. It is my ultimate goal to be a YouTuber one day, but I still need to get used to myself on camera.

If you like my posts and pictures don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Let me know what you’ve been up to and if you’ve tried the foundation sticks.



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