Do you ever get that sense of being nearly there… like you’ve almost made it. You know what your aiming for and you know how to get it, but your not sure if you ever will! This is my current state of mind, if I’m honest, my biggest fear is unfulfilled potential. I don’t even mean with blogging, I have like 5 followers or something…. there are a number of aspects of my life in this current state

I choose to dream big, think outside the box- whatever you want to call it, anything less would be a disservice. For 2018, rather than setting generic goals like losing weight or saving money, I’m simply going to stick to what I’ve been doing, but get organised about it.

So many people are looking for that quick fix, that one thing that will change their life and make them happy. I believe anything worth having is hard to get and if you keep chopping and changing you might never realise your full potential. Think about your best life, what does it look like? Once you have that picture the only resolutions you need for the year are the steps to achieve those goals. Plan, discuss and plan again! If you stick to something you might just see a change.

For me, I really feel like I’m at a fork in the road, the decisions made now have the power to lead to an awesome future and for that I’m excited if somewhat apprehensive. That said, through faith I’m also living in contentment. I don’t look at others and envy them. I see motivation, proof that better is possible – for me and for everyone!

Spreading those positive vibes!!!


What I’m wearing

This one’s from the archives… Blazer – H&M, old, Roll neck – H&M, old, Dress – Zara, old and Ankle Boots – similar here from River Island


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