I can’t believe it’s time for another round up. The weeks are flying by, but I’m keen to continue documenting what’s been happening. Let me know if you like these posts…

Since I’m a lazy sod sometimes, the most eventful thing I’ve done since last week in the beauty space is try out the items in my Birchbox. I haven’t done a post talking about this subscription box for a while, honestly some of the products haven’t been for me, but the March box had some treats in that I can talk about and I’m looking forward to the April box.

Blaq Eye Mask – I hadn’t heard of Blaq products before and that is the beauty of having a subscription box, loads of random goodies to try. I’ve been busy and having late nights and early starts and all this has played havoc on my under eyes. Dark circles and puffiness are my arch nemesis so I’m always after products that reduce the visibility of those.

The only sad thing about them is was that it was a tester instead of the full pack of 5. The effect was immediate and the puffiness was significantly reduced. The main ingredient is activated charcoal so perhaps it’s something to do with that.

The other item I enjoyed from the April box was the Rituals Body Wash. I’m not going to make up loads of fancy wording about key ingredients, it’s soap. The scent is rice milk and cherry blossom and i can’t conjure up what that should smell like in real life, but perhaps that’s why I feel like it helps me wake up in the shower, it just smells good!

The other items included in the March box were:

• Benefit Bad Gal Bag Mascara – Sod’s law says I bought the full size, which I wasn’t overly impressed with, only to get a sample this month – read my full review of the mascara in this post T Re: Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

• R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo – I don’t think this stuff works for Afro hair. If I’m wrong then let me know in the comments.

• Absolution Le Nettoyant Purete – this is a natural face wash, they utilise organic ingredients. I can say that this does what it’s supposed to, it removes makeup and cleanses, but I’m not sure I’ll be swapping this in to my main skincare just yet.

Keeping on top of the socials

I had a goal of getting to 400 followers on Instagram by today, I’m not far off yesterday I only needed 4 more, but it seems overnight those fickle types unfollowed me so I need like 9 more now. To be honest, I don’t really want to fall in to the trap of chasing numbers only to inadvertently find disappointment. I’m just going to do my thing and hope you folks enjoy it.

That said if you’re not already following, here’s a link to My Instagram

A week in Trenches

So my main post this week was about Trench coats, if you haven’t read the post, check it out here. I can honestly say my new beige Trench from Asos is a great buy. The last couple of days have been slightly warmer and this has been perfect over my work outfits.

I completely fell off the gym this week. I think the bank holiday messed with my flow. There no excuse really, but this week I plan to get back on track with it and have booked myself into three classes. One will be Body Pump after work and then two other classes at lunch. I’ve been finding that evening classes are difficult to get to, you end up feeling like your sacrificing your life for the gym and let’s face it, as summer gets in to motion who is going to say no to after work drinks and head to the gym – not me I tell you!



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