I’m currently on a bit of a style journey, still discovering what I like and what suits me best. I recently came across this whole idea of understanding your colour palette, I found this post by Anuschka Rees particularly helpful, here. It starts with your colour analysis then the related posts take you through building out your wardrobe etc. I’m not gonna lie there’s serious amounts to get absolutely stuck in to.

Anyway, I discovered I am a deep autumn – you might think that’s obvious, but it’s more to do with your hair and eye colour as well as the undertones of your skin. I have dark hair and eyes and I have warm undertones as opposed to cool.

What all this boils down to is that my colour palette looks something like this

Basically, my plan is to channel this while I’m shopping. Now I get why I hate pastels, even if they are on trend. Clearly the above is just a representation of some of the colours that would suit a deep autumn. The palette runs from dark to bright, but pastel and dusty tones don’t tend to suit.

Now I’m all for individuality and if you’re deep autumn and like lilac, I’m not tell you or anyone else to change. That said, I’ve found this useful as a guide.

Obviously, I feel this outfit represents my colour palette perfectly. I love the mustard tones I think the military jacket and ankle boots toughen up quite a feline dress. Besides, this is England and that person out there freezing for fashion is not me!

Are you a deep autumn? Let me know if you like this outfit and/or these colours in general.

T x

Get the look

Dress – River Island, here and inna different style – here

Jacket – River Island, similar here from Asos

Boots – Mango, similar here from River Island


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