Here’s an outfit I put together. I might have turned 30, but I’m still going to rock my minis, Tina Turner style, to a ripe old age. The skirt is real leather and the quality is amazing, it’s soft and flattering. These mules were a great buy from H&M and are pretty much my go to for any outfit! The top from Levi’s is a classic and still available at H&M, it’s linked below if you’d like one of your own.

It’s been a little while since my last post. Not only because of a hectic work schedule and the bank holiday weekend, though in the case of the latter, I definitely made a point of enjoying the moment, but the main reason is, I’m very much still finding my feet. I love putting outfits together so I’m definitely going to focus on that, but does every post have to come with some prescriptive long winded writing? If I have something to say on a topic that’s important to me then I’ll write a long post, but let’s face it we’re looking at skirts and shoes on these things not trying to find the mean of life.


Skirt – Superdry

T-shirt – Levi’s at Asos

Shoes – H&M

Bag – Fiorelli

Where possible I’ll use affiliate links, this means a small percentage of something you buy would come to me at no extra cost to you.


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