I’ve reached a point in my life where health and fitness are becoming more and more important to me. I’ve been reading and looking in to the effects of plant based diets and while I’m not sure I’m ready to go all the way to the extreme of becoming raw vegan, I definitely want to incorporate more meat free meals in to my week. I want to up my healthy food intake in general, so I thought I’d purchase a bit of kit to help me along. Now Nutribullets have been around for ages and I don’t know why I decided to “bite the bullet” and actually purchase one this weekend, ha!

So what does one do with a piece of new gadgetry when they get it, they have a play of course. So I’ve trawled the internet and Pinterest looking for good smoothie recipes. I didn’t want anything too sweet so, when I came across this Banana Oat one I said yep that’s for me. This will likely be my new weekday breakfast until I can build up my arsenal. It’s super easy to make and took literally less than 5 mins, you just throw all the ingredients in and get the bullet going. I’ve linked the ingredients below, if you try it let me know if you like it.

Do you have a favourite smoothie? Do you have any good Nutribullet recipes? Let me know in the comments.


Nutribullet – from Amazon, like mine in Blue or Black, Grey or Red

Banana Oatmeal Smoothie – recipe from cookingwithplants.com


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