YSL All Hours FoundationYSL All Hours FoundationThis is a quick post to share my thoughts on the YSL All Hours Foundation on oily skin. I know this has been on the scene for a while, but over the past few months I’ve been trying all kinds of different foundation. As a teen in to my early 20s my go to Foundation was always MAC studio fix powder and at some point I also tried the cream foundations. For me, powder definitely gave me coverage and I didn’t feel like there was heavy shine, but as always, a girl likes to try new things. I talked about my foundation trials in a number of posts –

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As far as the YSL All Hours, I feel like it trumps everything I’ve tried before. It’s definitely full coverage, matte and lasts all day. Also, I seem to be one of those people that frequently touch’s their face. I know you shouldn’t, but most of the time I don’t even notice I’m doing it. The reason I bring this up is because for a very long time, at work you could tell which documents were mine because they’d usually have foundation smudges. With this foundation, I’m not seeing any smudges! To me this must mean it stays on your face where it’s supposed to be. I will admit that I still set it with my L’Oréal Fixing Mist, which I swear by, but I’ve always done that and these results are far better.

Finally, an additional benefit is that it contains SPF 20. This is a real benefit as at the moment I am trying to improve my complexion using both physical and chemical exfoliants, and the whole point is not to trash the newly developed skin. I’ll delve deeper into my skincare in another post.

All in all I think this is a great foundation if you have oily skin. It’s full coverage enough to hide any blemishes but lightweight enough not to aggravate those pores. I would definitely recommend using a setting spray as soon as you apply the foundation. Let that dry then do the rest of your makeup and set again at the end.

Now if only someone could invent a foundation that can survive my hay fever induced runny nose. There is no foundation on the planet that can survive me blowing my nose every 2 seconds. Roll on the end of pollen season.


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