It’s currently a Sunday afternoon as I write this post and I have been up since about 8:30 am. Not too bad, if you ask me, after the Blnk Canvas Day Party I attended yesterday, which went on well into the evening, not to mention, I attended a colleague’s BBQ in the day also. It would be quite easy to just lay in bed and do nothing all day, after all, I have a fair bit of Love Island to catch up on. So how exactly do you find the motivation to do what you know should be done?

For me, a hefty part of motivation comes from inspiration. I try my hardest not to do things I either don’t want to do or that don’t inspire me. Obviously, there are certain things, like chores, that you can’t really get away from, but I firmly believe motivation is the middle ground between necessity and inspiration. Using a cleaning analogy, it makes me feel better in myself to have a clean and tidy home and also easier for shooting my blog content, so naturally I am motivated to clean the house.

Another way to keep motivated is to focus on the end goal. This is especially relevant if you are taking on a big project or task. I think this is something many learn growing up, going to school, college and university all require significant amounts of invested time and energy. Most people want good grades because they have ambitions to go on to a particular university or attain a job where grades matter. From memory, there are a lot of distractions at university and I face this daily in my professional life also, but sometimes motivation can come from a need or want to get something else.

So why do we even need motivation in the first place? Why is it that some things just come so naturally and don’t feel like an effort? Then other times, even staying motivated to do things we actually love like reading, seeing family and friends or shopping can seem like a chore. I think the issue is that we want the end result, but along the way realise there are certain obstacles to getting there – it is those obstacles that kill our motivation. This is why it’s important to, where possible, remove those barriers so that you can actually focus on the bits you like doing.

Inherently, motivation requires energy. This point goes back to what I was saying earlier about not doing things I don’t want to do, where possible. Sometimes, in order to get the motivation to do other things you might need to give something up. Once again with the cleaning analogy, should you constantly motivate yourself to do it when you know it takes hours and you can afford a cleaner and the time would be freed up for you do the other things that add value to your life?

Finally and perhaps the most important is to remember “rome wasn’t built in a day” – the best way to stay motivated is to not frighten yourself off before you’ve even begun. Write down a plan, break it into action points you can tackle on a monthly or weekly basis and refer back to it regularly. There is nothing like ticking off those action points, when you can see the progress you’ve made toward achieving it – that becomes motivation in and of itself.


Let me know what you think of this post and how you stay motivated in the comments. I’m doing YouTube now, haul and vlog video is now up, head over to check it out – What I Bought from Ralph Lauren and a Mini Vlog

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