I’ve been neglecting my blog recently and before you think anything, no I haven’t given up! If anything I think I’m more all in than I ever was. Things have been fairly busy round these parts. I’ve spoken before about al the different hats I wear day job, removal company, blogger and that doesn’t even cover the social hats, but I’ve recently added another to the list – drum roll please, YouTuber.

If you actually read my blog and follow me on my socials you will know this already. I started doing YouTube a couple of weeks ago and already have 4 videos posted – head over and check it out Here. I love YouTube and it’s definitely the form of content I enjoy the most in my personal life. This doesn’t mean that I’m giving up my blog or have intentions to post less frequently, on the contrary, I want to post more on everything. I can’t even blame my budding channel for the lack of blog posts recently. They are two different types of medium and it’s easy enough to stamp out a blog post while commuting. What’s stopped me posting is, I simply didn’t feel it. I really want all my social media to have a cohesive look and feel and that is going to require thought and planning. Also, sometimes you simply need to take a step back so you can see the bigger picture.

It’s Friday and I’m currently in Birmingham, off work for over a week, but heading back to London on Sunday. I love visiting my family and this occasion is extra special as we are having a bbq tomorrow and my family is huge so expecting at least 80 of them to come.

While I’m home, I love using the time to reflect and reset my mind. What’s important to me? How am I doing at achieving my goals? Do I need to make any changes? I’m a firm believer that the cream rises to the top. I started this post by saying I’ve neglected my blog, but what I should say is that I’ve been living my life. I took a break and now I plan to be back with a bang. I feel like between my blog, insta and YouTube, I have the foundations to create the exact sort of content I’ve come to love and consume daily.

Watch this space people and remember sometimes it’s ok to neglect stuff (not for too long though) so you can focus on the here and now within yourself. It is far worse to neglect yourself anyway!


Let me know what you think of this post and if you’ve ever had to neglect something you really care about so you can focus on yourself for a bit.

I’m attempting to daily vlog on YouTube. Head over to my channel to watch the first in the series – Online Shopping at Mango & Gearing up for a summer bbq.

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