For me it’s just as well bucket bags are on trend, in fact, in my book they were never off trend. That said, I think the recent boost in popularity can be, in part, attributed to the rise of the basket bag. I have always loved both the bucket and basket styles and recently I’ve made some new additions to the old bag collection.

As a working professional, it’s important to have functionality as well as style in a bag. For work I unusually prefer a more structured bag, something you can stick copious amounts in, but from the outside it looks like everything is perfectly organised- at times the exact opposite is true!

A bucket bag usually has one strap that is long enough to wear in the crook of the arm or over the shoulder. This Ralph Lauren Debby bag is the perfect example. It’s made from a structured, but soft leather. The smooth finish on the outside means that it’s easy to keep clean and the same goes for the inside which is simply a cavernous space. I fit A4 documents in and wear the long strap over my shoulder or sometimes there’s a purse and keys, either way I find it still looks effortlessly stylish. The taupe colour is a great match for the colour palette I’ve chosen this season, cream, blue, tan, mustard.

Now, to me the basket bag is simply a more casual take on the more structured bucket, but the functionality remains the same. This is the ultimate weekend bag. Imagine market shopping and snapping up little treats to take home. It transitions just as well for beach holidays.

I love this one I picked up from Topshop, it still has a bit of structure as that suits my personal style, but is still super versatile. I don’t tend to use the long strap, I just love how it looks dangling by the side.

I think these are the ultimate go to bags for summer and in my opinion, bucket bags are multi-seasonal. I can see the taupe colour of my Debby bag working well with my autumn colour palette.

So, to help you guys out I’ve further trawled the internet to bring you some additional bag inspo in the bucket and basket form.

Right now, if you want high street, Zara are the go to for both bucket and basket bags, Mango and Topshop are also a great bet. That said, my aim is to refine my handbag collection. I love fast fashion but it’s just not sustainable, poor quality materials are used and over time you end up buying more. How many black totes I’ve had and destroyed. Now I’m aware that just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it will last the test of time, but for the most part, they do.

Below are some of my faves of the moment. I’ve included a mix of high street, mid-range and high-end. Happy shopping!


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