Hey my lovelies! This post should have gone up on Wednesday as was the plan, but I’m discovering more and more life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. That said, this weekend I’ve been doing a bit more planning and have finally figured out why I’m missing my deadlines. In essence, just because you write down that you need to create a blog post on Tuesday doesn’t mean you will have the time to do so. I’ve worked out that on my average weekday I have 3 hrs 40mins of spare time.

It’s not much though really, is it? Anyway, I’m currently stamping out this post with this sentiment in mind and I actually allocated this time to do it in. So #winning so to speak, but it’s only day one, ha!

Enough rambling on! Last week I went for a shoot day in London and I brought along a few outfits, as you do. It wasn’t until it was pointed out to me that I’d actually brought 2 denim dresses that I even noticed that’s what I’d done. For me, denim dresses and skirts have been my go to for summer.

My style is what I would characterise as “smart casual”. I love the structure that you get from denim, but it comes in so many varieties you can still create a look in keeping with your brand. In this example, you have what is quite a fancy dress – imagine if it was exactly the same style, with the cut-outs, but made from black chiffon or something. The outfit would then definitely be in dinner party territory! The denim material makes the more dressy design seem casual. I’ve worn this to bbqs, on holiday or just out shopping. It will be with me until it falls apart!

It seems my love of denim dresses is a long standing one. I’ve had this dress for at least 8 years and I’m pleased to say it still fits! More recently, during the colder month you would have seen me rocking denim shirt dresses, like in this post – T Re: A Sustainable Shirt Dress.

I think the longevity of denim is another draw, as I’ve said I’ve had this dress for years and it’s still on trend. There is a certain timelessness you get with denim.

As always, I’ve done the hard work for you and provided some great examples that you can click through and add to your own wardrobe. Let me know if you like any of these in the comments. I especially love the dark blue zip up dress from Topshop that I’ve linked. You would have seen me wearing it all over Instagram.

In this post

Dress – Topshop, old

Shoes – Zara

Necklace – Pandora – chain and feather pendant

Watch – Cluse

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