So as you know, I am currently on a quest to achieve my best skin possible, specifically my face. I’ve talked about my experience of Electrolysis in my YouTube video, here. While that has definitely been great for attacking my thicker hairs, the process is slow going because you literally burn the follicle and remove the hair one at a time. It’s high time though that I sorted out my peach fuzz.

I’m really tired of having the added texture on my face and honestly, I’m really over ingrown hairs. As I’ve mentioned previously, I was advised that laser isn’t great on dark skin, that the machine looks for the contrast between your hair and skin colour, but if it’s too similar there’s a chance it might burn your face. That alone put me off, Ive seen some of the burns and hyper-pigmentation on dark skin it seems to stand out more. On the back of my last video, I had a few people tell me that they have dark skin and have had laser hair removal and were fine. So I started my research again. One clinic that keeps popping up is the Sk:n Clinic.

Sk:n clinic provide a whole host of services from tattoo removal right through to microdermabrasion and of course laser hair removal – full treatment list here. What attracts me most is that they note the treatment is suitable for all skin tones and what matters is the pigment in your hair. Black and brown are fine but red and blonde would be unsuitable.

Obviously, these things come at a cost, all treatment pricing here, it helps that the clinic offer 0% interest plans if you pay the balance within 6 months. They have been operating since 1990 and have 49 clinics across the UK. If that doesn’t say reputable then what does!

Anyway, I am about to have my last electrolysis treatment. I really want to try laser hair removal at Sk:n and I’ll be booking in a consultation as soon as.

Let me know if you’ve had any treatments from Sk:n Clinics. What was your experience especially of laser hair removal. If you have dark skin with peach fuzz and you’ve been then help a sister out and let me know your experience.

As always here’s a link to the treatment and pricing lists. If you’re thinking of laser hair removal then why not book a consultation. Feel free to use the link below.


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