The term millennial has been coined in recent years, according to google I am one, just about, ha! It suddenly occurred to me, there are a lot of terms used now, that have become inextricably fastened to our way of being, but no one knew, say, ten years ago. One in particular came to mind- ghosting.

This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, so forgive me now if you are an avid supporter of the practice. The way I would describe ghosting is when you have some kind of grievance against someone and you just cut them off, ignoring their every attempt at contact. Now I get why people do this, to avoid is easier than to deal, but I tell you now, it’s the cowards way out. I too have been ghosted in the past, I don’t believe I’ve ghosted anyone in particular, but if I have chime up now and you’ll be sure to get a response!

The reason this irks me so much is, it’s just complete avoidance of the situation and utter disrespect for the other persons feelings. We are all human and deserve acknowledgement. People are aware of ghosting in this modern sense, perhaps a friend or boyfriend you’ve fallen out with, but it extends further for me. It ties in to a general disregard for others in society that is so prevalent and relevant today. The homeless person in the street, the sales assistant, the waiter, the list goes on. In effect, ghosting is part of a wider problem.

For me it’s born out of insecurity and fear or perhaps a lack of intelligence, whereby you don’t know how to express yourself appropriately in a negative situation so you just avoid it all together. Well, perhaps people should learn. Learn how to express yourself properly and approach situations with dignity and understanding of others feelings.

I hear you, you don’t care how the other person feels and you don’t want to deal with them. If you take this approach, really it’s you that loses out. You don’t get to tell that person what they did to you to make you feel wronged, so they don’t grow as a person. Worse, you don’t hear their side and miss an opportunity to improve yourself. We live in a world where people see difference as defective, but in a world of over 7 billion people, how likely is it that you will come across someone who thinks the same as you? Very rarely!

Ghosting serves no one and in the end you look like a coward who couldn’t handle the pressure. Face up to your problems and you might just learn something.


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