Happy Wednesday people! Today’s post is all about the Nacomi Coffee Scrub. I was recently sent a packet to try by an online brand called Eco Natural Products, and I’m so glad. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of this site before, but they source and sell natural versions of everyday products we all use. They have been running since 2012 and I’m really interested in some of the other products I’ve seen on the site, like the natural tooth paste, candles and supplements.

Anyway let’s get in to the review. It’s a natural scrub and it’s made from Robusta coffee and natural oils. I would definitely say that coffee is the first thing you smell when you open it and it smells amazing. I’m currently on a bit of a detox/diet and my beloved coconut milk lattes are out for the next 9 days or so, but if I can’t drink it I might as well rub it on my skin.

As it’s a scrub, the exfoliation factor is definitely there. The coffee and sugar cane are the active scrubbers, but it also has Dead Sea salt, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. All these help to moisturise, detoxify, firm, tone and regenerate your skin.

To use it, I would really recommend doing this in the shower. You wet the skin and then apply the scrub, it’s quite course so you should be gentle when you rub it in. Finally, leave it on for 10 mins, I just sat on the edge of the bath with an old towel on and read a magazine. Then you wash it off.

I really notice a difference in how my skin feels, but also to me, the after photo on the right of my arm, looks less textured the the left. My skin is soft and it feels like I’ve applied moisturiser. I can also really see the benefit of using this on my legs. It really gets rid of the dead skin and leaves it silky smooth. I’d definitely recommend this. I am looking forward to using it again and to discover the longer term benefits like reduced visibility of cellulite.

To get your Nacomi Coffee Scrub and more visit, www.E-NaturalProducts.co.uk


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