Hey there, if this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome, otherwise glad to have you back. One thing I’ve started to look out for, in my quest for a more sophisticated style, are fabrics that look more luxurious. I often wonder why I gravitate toward the most expensive item in a shop without trying, but likely it’s because these items are made from a natural material and have a tailored look. I’m not saying that all good quality clothes are expensive, and certainly, not all expensive clothes are good quality, but there are specific fabrics, like Cashmere, Mohair, Wool, Silk and to a lesser extent, Cotton and Satin that are very much part of a more refined and sophisticated style. If like me you are on a high street budget, it can often be difficult to find some of these fabrics in your price range. So, of course the next best thing is to “fake it till you make it”.

This particular outfit I picked up from Asos, the top is Lipsy and I figured although technically polyester, the satin effect has enough of a luxury appeal for me to put it in my basket, ha!

As for the trousers, I really could have sized down in these and that would have added to the more luxury/refined effect, but hey, that’s life. I will be getting these trouser tailored, the length also. They too are a polyester, but once again the satin effect elevates them. I absolutely love the colour, and for me that was the main attraction, the richness of the green will be great for the transition in to autumn and winter. I can see myself wearing this with a black polo next jumper or black cami in the lead up to Christmas.

Sidebar: I would like to take a second to really touch on the importance of having clothes that fit you properly, if your aim is a sophisticated style. I did deliberate about posting these, given the ill fit of the trousers, but I figured it would be a good example of how the small details can make or break your look. I think when I get them tailored I’ll be sure to show the before and after, likely over on my YouTube channel.

Anyway, I hope you can work with me on this one. The ill-fit is in part due to the fact that I am technically on the 7th day of a 12 day diet (if you’ve been following me this is the one that started as a juice cleanse/detox, but I only lasted 2 days) – I digress, basically, I lost a little weight and didn’t realise… I think I’ll be sizing down ahead of the next shoot, whoop whoop. I said to myself, all I want is a flat stomach, just one time in my life and I actually feel like I could do it this time. I’ll have to do a post to update you on my fitness etc. Normal, common sense applies here, weight loss is currently a personal choice of mine and I am definitely not suggesting anyone needs to lose weight to be sophisticated.

Anyway, in terms of refining my style, I’m still a work in progress and I hope you can come along on this journey with me. I’ll be sure to share all the tips I come across. Let me know your style tips in the comments.


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Camisole – Lipsy @Asos

Trousers – Asos

Shoes – Nine West, old

Bag – Accessorize, old

Necklace – Pandora – chain and feather pendant

“T” Pendent Necklace, other letters available – Oliver Bonas

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  1. August 24, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    Those trousers are AMAZING, you look incredible! So happy I found your blog, followed you on twitter 🙂

    Elle x

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