Let’s face it, no one watches live Tv anymore. Between work, fitness, having a social life, the daily commute or looking after kids, who can commit to being in front of the telly at a specific time regularly? I know I can’t. I literally record everything and watch it at a convenient time for me. That said, YouTube is definitely where my main video consumption lies. No more channel surfing, you can have relevant content on tap and forget HD, we can now stream in 4K for crisp beautiful imagery. Additionally, gone are the days where you need to whip out the old laptop or sit at a desktop to watch YouTube, now you can access it via the Tv. I’m really loving the idea of a 4K Tv, like the Oled 4K Tv Panasonic

I already appreciate watching in HD, so the thought of even more definition is exciting. Aside from YouTube one of my favourite pastimes is playing video games, or rather, I watch my boyfriend play and I cheer him on and offer map guidance. Believe me, me with the controls is not a pretty sight. I can just imagine the improved visual effects and cinema quality with 4K Tv. The technological advancements we’ve seen in our lifetime are amazing.

This got me thinking about how technology has changed our lives. There’s so much that’s now at the touch of a button. Online shopping is now a norm, I remember being a kid and looking through my mums clothing catalogues, the closest we got to digital back then was the home shopping network, ha! The fact you can now order something online today and get it tomorrow is crazy!

To me your Tv, laptop, phone or tablet are tools. You can choose to veg out and be a couch potato, or you can use these media platforms to better yourself and refine your lifestyle. On my fitness journey, HIIT workouts were integral to me losing weight. The ability to watch fitness videos on YouTube on the big screen in 4K definition is motivating. The possibilities are endless, from catching up on your favourite YouTuber to learning a language, it’s all there at your fingertips. It is important to relax and I’m not going to lie, sitting down to a new Netflix series is definitely on my autumn agenda.

You can literally build an entire lifestyle through your tech. So many talk about the negatives of technology and social media, but we should also remember the educational and aspirational aspect and the accessibility it gives to those who can’t commit to classes or face a lack of availability in their area.

I’m excited for where technology will take us next.


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  1. Joseph N
    September 14, 2018 / 11:42 am

    A very well written and enjoyable piece. Looking forward to reading more from this blog.

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