It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. I’ve been really busy, what can I say? This is something I want to talk a little about in general really. Busy is a funny word, busy doing what exactly? We all have tasks we need to get done each day, but if you’re anything like me, you can be busy yet get absolutely nothing done.

It’s easy to be busy, but are you being productive, or better still, effective. My life has changed a lot over the past year. Our removal company is doing better, I was promoted at work and my blog holds my intention for the future. Put all that together with necessities like eating, sleeping, personal care and visiting family and friends, it becomes easy to see how one can be “busy”.

I gave the game away above and I’ve said it before, the best way to be effective and get what you want out of life is to live a life of intention. I’m really honing in on this and I’d say it’s only the last month or two that I have started to find a groove. Before I was so caught up with all the newness, I couldn’t think straight and a lot of the things I’d busy myself with were not an effective use of time.

Goal setting is one thing, but if you don’t make time, daily, to chip away at the small tasks that lead to that bigger outcome, you won’t get many results. I’ve been finding that Google Calendar is my best friend. Obviously use what ever calendar you want, but I’m also on gmail, so the functionality that automatically adds events I’ve signed up to to my calendar is a God send to anyone scatterbrained like me. You can set goals, reminders and track habits. That way, you can get an idea of just how effective you are toward your goals. I’ve started scheduling everything, nail appointments, cleaning, shoot days and time to blog. The main thing is, if it’s important to you and needs to get done, it should be scheduled.

There is increased awareness around mental health issues. If you have a lot on, just don’t forget to look after number 1. I’m fond of taking breaks and time off. If feels like too much, just stop!

How are you keeping up with life’s changes? Do you find yourself with zero spare time yet feel like you’ve achieved nothing, please tell me I’m not alone in the comments!


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