I keep saying I want to blog more, so I’m just going to do it. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up thinking, ahhh what should I write about, what do people want to see. Well all that is a one way street to writers block so I’m taking a step back and focusing on why I started writing in the first place. It’s fun, it’s a hobby and it’s also a space for me to record and curate some aspects of my life.

As a somewhat budding style blogger. The shoot day has become one of my favourite events in my calendar. The whole process of putting outfits together and and browsing the latest trends online – [read] shopping, really brings out my creative style.

It occurred to me that this idea of planning outfits and just being more organised with your clothes in general is a useful skill for everyone, not just as a style blogger. I have picked up a few tricks while planning shoot days that I think could be useful to anyone, here’s my top 5.

Research – this has to be the number one tip. You need to have an idea of the outfit your putting together. If you don’t you could end up just buying random pieces that don’t go together. I often make Pinterest boards with outfits I’ve seen online and also items that I’ve come across while browsing the shops. If you pin the actual item. It’s a good way to get directly back to it if you decide to buy.

Organise you wardrobe – style blogger or not, we can all understand what it’s like why your wardrobe is a mess. You can’t find anything, it’s overflowing and you still don’t have anything to wear. Tidy it up! Organise your clothes neatly so that they stay in better condition and you can find what you’re looking for.

Invest in quality – I really don’t want to subscribe to the fast fashion trend being rammed down our throats. Yes, it’s more expensive, but where possible I try to stick to pieces I can wear for more than a season.

Try stuff on – so many times I’ve been caught out where I’ve bought something and held it up against myself and been like ‘yep’, but when I went to wear it, I’m like, eh no! If your planning wear something new make sure you try it on before you decide to wear it. The aim is to ensure that your clothes are the best fit and the most flattering.

Send it back – If you don’t love something, send it back. There should be no space in your wardrobe for unloved items. Give them to charity, sell them online, or where possible, recycle them. This will also help you look after that bank balance and for me that means more shopping.

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Coat – Zara, Contrasting Biker Jacket bought last year but back in stock, I love the real leather one here and the brown fur interior here

Blazer – Theory @ Flannels

Hand Bag – Stradivarious

Camisole – H&M

Shoes – Nine West, old

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