I’ve recently started shopping a lot more, but all I’ve learned is that I want to shop less. I know, but bare with me for a sec….

As someone who loves fashion it’s fun picking up the latest trends and styling them up to your own taste. However trends are exactly that, here for a season then gone the next- I mean, how many animal print items does one person need in their wardrobe?

The funny thing is, I realise that of all the new crap I buy, I just gravitate back to the more quality items in my wardrobe. The other day, I picked up a couple of beige knits online and when they arrived I was like no, this is itchy as hell and then I remembered the one I have from French Connection that I bought last year. It’s the one featured in these snaps and is so snuggly. So I’m taking a step back, I’m assessing what I actually need to create the outfits I’ll want to wear not just now but months from now.

I don’t talk about my work on here that much (I think), but by day I review the environmental, social and governance risks of potential investments. When it comes to fashion, so many people are unaware of the damage that this fast fashion lifestyle is doing to the environment. Dyes and chemicals being leaked wantonly in to streams and rivers, whole forests being cut down to harvest specific materials or what about the people making the items who are in such low pay they can barely afford to eat.

When you know this, it’s hard to just go about picking up items you know you’ll only wear a couple of times. The guilt is killing me so I’m not doing it anymore. This isn’t me looking down on anyone and God knows I’ll probably still own more than I need, but at least going forward I can be more conscious of the impact my buying habits have on other people. I hope in reading this you are inspired to do your own research and make a change for your self.

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Jumper – French Connection

Trousers – Belstaff @ Flannels

Shoes – New Look

Venue – Harry’s Dolce Vita

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