Happy midweek! No I’ve not gone mad, I know it’s Thursday , but after a long weekend it’s only my second working day of the week. It got me thinking about productivity and how we can make use of certain tools to organise our lives. A recent gem has been the concept of time blocking. This is basically just splitting your day in to blocks of time and allotting a specific task to each slot. When the block ends you move on to the next thing even if you haven’t finished the first. This is a game changer for anyone who has a lot to do in the various areas of their life and struggles to get it all done.

I’ve taken to allocating blocks for everything now. Outside of work, this mainly relates to planning, and that means research. I’ve really taken to Pinterest lately, the way you can just add random things to board when you’re browsing online is super helpful.

For me Pinterest is not about repinning other peoples pins necessarily. When I’m planning something, I’ll surf the net and consume lots of media. I get inspired by the things I see so Pinterest is quite an organic platform for me use as a way to make note of stuff I want to refer back to later. Weather in planning an outfit, an event or the next room for renovation in my house, I just think the idea of being able to save ideas in picture form is so useful.

When it comes to fashion and style it’s even more useful. Have you ever filled your basket or saved items to favourites only to head back days later and by some magic of evil it’s all disappeared? Well if you pin the items to your Pinterest board they will stay there forever, links and all.

Given that I find it so helpful, I thought you might too. You can create multiple boards. I have a few private ones for fitness, home décor, quotes etc and some that are public which I’ll take you through below. My blog is mainly about style and my public boards reflect this. Let’s get in to it.

Mood board – this board is where I store everything that makes me feel something. For me, style and the clothes I put on each day express how I’m feeling. When I’m looking through social media and shopping online in general, I’m attracted to particular images because they engender a feeling. Knits-cosy, leather-tough, frills-playful etc. This kind of board can help you hone your style. It’s great to have a place to organise what i vision for my style going forward.

Cosy up – this board is a bit more thematic, clearly we are in to the cold months, here in the UK, so I’ve been drawn to knits recently. This is where I can store items that have caught my eye while online shopping. As the seasons change I’ll likely create new boards to reflect particular clothing themes.

Style – this is perhaps my main public board. Here I capture online images of outfits, in some cases a specific item that I think would be cool to wear.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’d be interested to hear how you use Pinterest; or if you’ve never used it before, would you now? Let me know in the comments.


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