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T Re: Finally Festive

Today’s post feels like perfect timing for me giving the weather. It has been snowing on and off across London today and I have had messages from friends and family in Birmingham where the last 24hrs has been described as a blizzard ha! For any Americans out there, […]

T Re: Off days

London is a busy city, everyone going back and forth about their daily business. If you know me that you know I love the weekend, especially the ones where nothing is planned. I’ll wake up in the morning then head straight for the shower. I’ll spend time washing […]

T Re: Dealing with Stress

In my everyday life I find myself wearing many hats. Girlfriend, Analyst, Business Partner, Family Member and now Blogger. All these things pretty much need looking after on a daily basis and I haven’t even factored in life admin. How do I deal? How does anyone deal with […]

T Re: Cyber Weekend

So Black Friday/ Cyber Weekend is nearly over but there’s still time. Here’s a few bits I’ve picked up so far, but it’s important to pace yourself. I don’t think all UK retailers are buying in to this American tradition and they’re certainly not giving the best deals […]

T Re: The Ordinary

In this post I’ll be reviewing a Deciem brand called The Ordinary. Since I started my blog in June, I’ve been reading up on skin care and have discovered the importance of having an actual routine. Your face is on show everyday and unlike your body, you can’t […]